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    with Tim Flynn, Edinboro University Head Coach;
    2014 NWCA Division I Coach of the Year, most wins in Edinboro history;

    and Cliff Moore, Edinboro University Assistant Coach;
    2004 NCAA Champion; 3x All-American at Iowa; Back-to-Back Big Ten Champion

    The top position is one of the most difficult in wrestling because it requires wrestlers to maintain control and turn their opponents, which is a challenge for inexperienced athletes. The 2014 NWCA Coach of the Year Tim Flynn and Assistant Coach Cliff Moore have been successful at implementing riding and turning techniques at Edinboro University. In this dynamic presentation, they share their secrets on how to control and turn opponents using effective, practical techniques from the top position.

    The first step in becoming effective from the top position is the ability to break your opponent down off the whistle. Coaches Flynn and Moore share five effective breakdowns plus several variations on each. Breakdowns include:

    • Tight-Waist Chop
    • Thigh Pry Chop
    • Tight-Waist Ankle
    • Spiral Ride
    • Far Knee to a tight waist

    Using these breakdowns, wrestlers will be able to position themselves properly to optimize control, create pinning combinations and turn their opponents for both back points and pins. Pinning combinations include tilts such as:

    • Cross-Wrist Tilt (from the mat and from the rear standing position)
    • Reverse Side Tilt
    • Roll Through Tilt
    • Backhook
    • Bar-Arm Tilt
    • Leg Turks
    • Near Leg Cradles
    • Bars

    The intermediate step between breaking an opponent down and turning them is control. Both coaches demonstrate techniques with solid tips to leverage and control opponents. You'll also learn what to do in various positions such as the tripod and standing position.

    The top position is considered the offensive position yet many wrestlers struggle to score from it. If you are a coach or a wrestler, you'll benefit from the tips and techniques in this presentation. Become a more proficient rider, turner and pinner.

    123 minutes. 2014.

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    with John Smith,
    Oklahoma State University Head Coach,
    2011 Big 12 Coach of the Year (9x Conference Coach of the Year); 5X NCAA Championships as a coach;
    2X Olympic Gold Medalist,
    6X World Champion, 2X NCAA Champion

    It's hard to win matches if you can't escape the bottom position. Now you can turn those losing situations into points!

    In this instructional wrestling DVD, wrestling icon John Smith shows you how to come out on top when you're on the bottom.

    Smith demonstrates how to beat eight common situations wrestlers struggle with:

    • Tight waist rides: Beat the most popular ride in wrestling. Smith also shows what to do if you get chopped from the tight waist.
    • Bar arms from the tight waist: Learn how to get out of 2-on-1 and bellied out situations.
    • The Tulsa Ride: See how you can use your hips to get your opponent out of position.
    • Trapped ankles: Defend near and far ankle rides. Smith includes the swisher technique to get to your feet.
    • One leg in: Learn five options based on hip position to free the leg and score points.
    • Two legs in: See how pressuring into the opponent can get you into a scramble position.
    • Crab rides: Get five options for beating crab rides including tips for beating the half nelson from the crab ride.
    • Mat returns from the feet: Learn to stay in position to get the escape.

    In each area, Smith clearly defines the key to each move, concentrating on the hip and hand positions. These are the same techniques that he teaches in the Oklahoma State wrestling room. These techniques will keep your wrestlers from being ridden for long stretches of time, giving up riding time or being scored on with cheap tilts.

    The hardest area of wrestling is coming off the bottom once you get stopped. Incorporate these situational wrestling drills into your practice and your wrestlers will get back to scoring position quicker and more consistently.

    85 minutes. 2010.

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    with Dave Mills, Grand Valley State University Coach, 5x NCWA Team Champions; 2x National Coach of the Year

    In a first of its kind video series ... over 20 takedowns and set-ups are presented in a systematic step-by-step approach. Coaches, parents, and most importantly YOUTH wrestlers will be able to quickly learn each technique. Dave Mills, NCWA two time National Coach of the Year, breaks down each move using numbered steps that are highlighted in text on the screen...making each move as easy to learn as 1,2,3. Parents, if you have never wrestled a day in your life, you can now help your wrestler achieve success one step at a time. As an added bonus each video comes with a technique manual and advice on how to become a champion wrestler.

    47 minutes. 2006.

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    with Keith Gavin, University of Virginia Assistant Coach;
    member of the U.S. National Freestyle Wrestling Team;
    2008 NCAA Champion at Pittsburgh; 2x All American; 2x EWL Wrestler of the Year; 120 collegiate wins

    This underhook series will help you improve your offense on your feet from one of the most dominant ties in wrestling. U.S. National Freestyle wrestler Keith Gavin presents his underhook takedown series from tie-up to finish. He presents takedowns from both the lead leg side as well as the opposite leg side.

    No matter what your opponent's reaction, Coach Gavin offers a scoring option for the offensive wrestler. Rather than providing several different variations off a single position, Coach Gavin breaks decision making into a series of simple reads: always do A unless he does X, in which case you do B. Instead of just a few new moves, you'll get an extremely effective system for attacking with underhooks.

    Being able to use an underhook off your strong side is the most fundamental of skills. Coach Gavin shares a solid series of attacks from this position, as well as entries into the position. The series starts with a throw-by to a single leg takedown. This first takedown is presented with a high-level finish, as well as low-level finishes on the mat when your opponent counters with a whizzer. Coach Gavin adds options for a double leg takedown, as well as a front headlock option to a go-behind to be used when the single leg is not available.

    Coach Gavin also gives four takedowns to use when you get into the even more dominant, double underhook position. You will be able to score with a throw-by, snap/front headlock, a footsweep or a modified arm drag from double underhooks.

    Opponents will often grab collar ties or wrists to try and slow down an opponent. Coach Gavin shows some of his signature drags to deal with this scenario. In addition, you'll see some of his favorite takedowns from an opposite lead leg, including a high-crotch, front headlock to a go-behind, a shrug, inside trip and an arm drag.

    This is an excellent series that teaches the most of the fundamentals of an underhook as well as some slightly less common positions that are very specific to coach Coach Gavin's game.

    55 minutes. 2015.

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    with Dan Gable, wrestling legend;
    Distinguished member of the FILA International Wrestling Hall of Fame (2012); won 15 NCAA Championships and 21 straight Big Ten Titles as the University of Iowa head coach; as a wrestler, went undefeated in high school (IA) and won 2 NCAA titles at Iowa State University. Gable won the Olympic Gold Medal in '72 (without giving up a point during the tournament), and went on to coach the Freestyle Olympic teams in '80, '84, and 2000; 1971 World Champion (one of 10 men to win an Olympic Gold, World Championship and NCAA Championship)

    Strong mental toughness leads to good wrestling technique, tactics, strength, conditioning, flexibility, recovery, and nutrition. In this lecture, legendary coach Dan Gable presents the importance of mental toughness with on the mat demonstrations and through motivational messages. Coach Gable takes you through a practice session detailing at least five drills in the following areas: Warm-up, standing offense and defense, bottom position, top position, and recovery/conditioning. The drills presented will give your athletes an attitude that "I can take anyone down at anytime ... they can't take me down ... no one can ride or turn me ... I can control anyone." In short, complete mental toughness! Gable credits all of his success on the mat - both as an athlete and as a coach - to strong mental toughness. With this video, your athletes will gain the mental toughness needed to be successful on the mat and in life.

    73 minutes. 2004.

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  • 07/09/15--22:00: John Smith's Takedown Series
  • with John Smith,
    Oklahoma State University Head Coach,
    5x NCAA Championship coach;
    8x Big 12 Coach of the Year;
    9 Big 12 Conference Championships;
    2X Olympic Gold Medalist,
    6X World Champion,
    2X NCAA Champion

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    with Kyle Dake, 4x National Champion at Cornell University;
    first wrestler in NCAA history to win four NCAA titles at four different weight classes; 2013 Hodge Trophy winner, 4X NCAA Division I All-American; 2013 Sports Illustrated Male Collegiate Athlete of the Year

    This is the video that all coaches and wrestlers have been waiting for!

    Learn to wrestle and score from the claw position - the same series that took Kyle Dake to four NCAA championships. Kyle Dake demonstrates his favorite series as he takes you step-by-step through the series of tilts and turns that he has used to find success.

    You'll see everything from how to start on top of your opponent all the way through several scoring opportunities that the Claw provides. Dake goes step-by-step through several types of common claw rides and how to use them to score and pin your opponent. He teaches wrestlers to not be afraid to go to their back in order to create scoring opportunities.

    Dake divides his instruction into six parts:

    Discover six drills that can be incorporated into your daily workouts that teach the basic fundamentals needed to be successful with this claw series. These drills will help you get comfortable when your back is compromised. Exposing your back is sometimes necessary to score, but control is imperative.

    Learn how to establish and maintain control from a variety of positions, and pick up a few tricks that will help you feel at ease in these positions. In addition, coaches will learn how to make these drills both fun and competitive to maximize results.

    Lining Up
    Lining up properly from the top position can give wrestlers an advantage before the whistle even blows. They will learn how to "line up heavy" to make their opponent uncomfortable and take their mind off their defense. This will allow you to take charge and initiate your claw series.

    The Claw
    To successfully turn your opponents with the claw, you have to understand the intricacies of the move. Dake shows you the details of the move, along with the assorted transitions that go along with it. You will see how to apply the basic claw tilt with a thigh pry, deep waist, or wrist and how to make these transitions within the series to become an effective chain wrestler.

    The Half Tilt
    When your opponent stops your claw, you sometimes have to go to a peripheral move. The half tilt is one of those moves. The half tilt is very similar to the claw tilt and equally effective. You will learn how to transition from the claw to the half and its variations, including a knee switch. This is a simple change in direction that will create numerous turn opportunities when your opponent is fighting the claw.

    Getting the Pin
    Your team will score big points with the half tilt, but sometimes points aren't enough. Dake shows how to seal the deal and get the pin after securing back points. He teaches a power claw that can be used against opponents that are very strong and hard to turn and the step through turn for when your opponent flattens out.

    Other Tilts
    In addition to the claw tilt and the half tilt, you will learn to transition into a 2-on-1 tilt and a tight waist tilt and their variations. These transitions will provide you with a solid attack from a variety of angles.

    This video is a superb resource for coaches who are teaching wrestlers how to wrestle from the top position. It is practical technique that will give your wrestlers the knowledge and the confidence they need to control, turn and pin their opponents.

    It is hard to refute the effectiveness of this series after watching Dake use it to secure his fourth national title. By learning and mastering this claw series, you will undoubtedly improve from the top position and take your technique to the next level.

    "[Dake] is an amazing teacher that many coaches can learn from right now, as he is still very close to the action and knows the importance of instilling fun into learning." - Customer Review

    46 minutes. 2013.

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    with Steve Garland, University of Virginia Head Coach;
    2015 and 2010 ACC Champions; 2010 ACC Coach of the Year;
    All-American Wrestler at Virginia; 2000 ACC Wrestler of the Year; member of the 50th Anniversary ACC Wrestling Team

    How to Cradle Your Opponent when They Shoot on You
    The most common attack in both folkstyle and freestyle wrestling is the single leg. Learning baseline defense is the most important skill but being able to go straight for points will give you a massive edge over the competition. Coach Garland demonstrates how to turn your opponent's offense into your offense, enabling your wrestler to score in bunches. Cradle finishes are covered from the single leg defense with the head inside, head outside single defense, and off of a low single leg attempt by your opponent. All his attacks come from a philosophical change of getting the legs back to attacking into the man. This change allows you to score almost at will from your feet.

    Cradle from the Offensive Neutral Position
    In the second segment, Coach Garland demonstrates how to offensively attack from the feet with the cradle. This includes options from a front headlock and a re-shot. The front headlock is a game changer in itself but when you add Coach Garland's cradle series to it, you can become unbeatable on your feet. He shows how to use the body's natural movement patterns to set up the cradle. Once you get down the positioning, you can almost always score.

    Cradle from the Top Position
    Finally, Coach Garland demonstrates the traditional approach to scoring with a cradle from the top position. This segment includes breakdowns, setups and finishing techniques for cross-face and near-side cradles. Although there is one dominant way to attack with the cradle, Coach Garland demonstrates his spin on hand positioning and where the legs are relative to the bottom man so that he gets a fall every time.

    All positions in wrestling require drilling and muscle memory in order to make them work. Coach Garland does a fantastic job of showing this throughout the presentation. You'll see drills from the feet as well as drills from the classic top position. There's also a series of pinning drills that focuses on an "always look for the fall" mentality.

    This is a fantastic set with a lot of useful information that allows coaches and wrestlers to become prolific cradling wrestlers. Coach Garland brings great teaching style to the presentation, making it easy for everyone to understand the subtle nuances that make this series unique. The tech fall and pin points resulting from these techniques will help your team become a better dual and tournament team.

    60 minutes. 2015.

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    featuring Ben Askren, 2x NCAA Champion (4x NCAA finalist) and 2x Dan Hodge Trophy winner at the University of Missouri; 2008 US Olympian;

    and Max Askren, 2010 NCAA Champion, 3x All-American, and 2x Big 12 Champion at the University of Missouri;
    Ben and Max were the 10th set of brothers in history to both win Division I NCAA titles

    This 11 Disc Set Reveals Everything The Askren Brothers Have Developed To Become an Unstoppable Wrestler.


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    with Scot Davis,
    Eden Prairie (MN) Head Coach; 2x Lakes Conference Champions;
    2x National High School Coach of the Year ('07 and '98),
    Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame;
    holds the national record for dual meet wins with over 1,000 victories;
    former Owatonna (MN) Head Coach; 2x Minnesota High School Coach of the Year; 2x Minnesota AAA State champions, 2009 Dream Team Classic Head Coach

    This video is designed to give coaches an inside look at how a legendary high school program runs their practices early in the season. During the course of three live practices, two-time National High School Wrestling Coach of the Year, Scot Davis, shares a break down of his uniquely designed, early season practices.

    Each practice begins with a proper warm-up including light jogging, gymnastics, partner drills and wrestling-specific drills for developing strength and wrestling motor skills.

    Coach Davis divides the wrestling room into multiple groups and has several coaches teaching technique at the same time. During the following day's practice, the groups rotate. Coaches in each group work on techniques that chain together starting on the feet and working to the mat showing wrestlers how the techniques logically fit together. This is a great way to get a lot of technique in with a number of athletes, while at the same time, giving them the one-on-one technical coaching they need.

    In this presentation, you'll see Davis' staff implementing this practice strategy. The staff includes former Apple Valley (MN) Head Coach Jim Jackson, who won 14 state titles while at Apple Valley. He was named National Coach of the Year three times while consistently producing one of the nation's top high school programs.

    In addition, the staff features Jeff Becker (undefeated Minnesota State Champion with 20 years high school coaching experience); Derek Skala (2012 NCAA D-II National Champion and 2x All American); Jafari Vanier (3-time NCAA D-III National Runner-Up and All American); and Jeff Hohertz (two-time NCAA D-II National Champion and three-time All American).

    Each coach has their own unique coaching style and way of dealing with a range of abilities from beginners to national caliber wrestlers. These coaches cover a number of techniques in this three-disc set, including how to:

    • execute several variations of an ankle pick and the subtle nuances of each
    • use a front headlock series and several finishes
    • finish a single leg numerous ways while using a 2-on-1 setup
    • apply pressure and control using the claw ride in neutral positions and to get cheap tilts from the top position
    • set-up and shoot a Hi-C
    • set-up and use the Augsburg cradle
    • use a snap-down technique to set-up other takedowns or cradles
    • score with a boot scoot series from an outside tie

    Each practice concludes with live wrestling or situational drills. You'll also see how to use a partner-based conditioning circuit to get wrestlers in shape without the need for a special strength session.

    Take an inside look at the practice structure and team discipline that Coach Davis has employed to build a legendary high school program. Gain a unique insight on how to differentiate practices to ensure you provide the best possible opportunity for your wrestlers to achieve their potential.

    412 minutes (4 DVDs). 2015.

    All Access videos are designed to allow viewers from all over the world to see how successful coaches run their practices in a "live" practice setting. All Access videos allow viewers to see the practices un-edited and in real-time. You will see how top coaches run their drills, interact with their team and staff, how they motivate their team, the cue words they use, the atmosphere of the practice and how practices are structured from day to day. Many coaches visit successful colleges and high schools to watch practice. But if you live out of state or out of the country, visiting another coach's gym can be costly. That's why we created the All Access Practice Series of videos -- to bring the practices to you!

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    WRD-04079A: featuring Ken Chertow, US Olympian;
    3x NCAA All American and 3x Academic All-American at Penn State,
    2x Junior World Champion, Midlands Champion and Outstanding Wrestler.
    Coach Chertow coached at both Ohio State and Penn State where his teams won the National Duals and finished in the top 5 at NCAA Championships 75% of the time.You can learn from Coach Chertow personally at his year round and summer Gold Medal Training Camp.

    Olympian Ken Chertow covers a full assortment of riding and pinning techniques designed to prepare your wrestlers with the skills to end a match at any time. Wrestlers at Coach Chertow's Home Training Center demonstrate the essential techniques needed to dominate from the top position.

    In this instructional DVD, Coach Chertow covers techniques that he has found to be successful at all levels. You'll learn in detail:

    • Breakdowns to beat your opponent off the whistle
    • Proper position for the 2-on-1, cross wrist and cross face series
    • Numerous tilts, including the tight waist, cross wrist and re-bar tilt, designed to score quickly
    • Technique to perfect the ball & chain series and the "Robles tilt" - both will make your wrestler even more effective from the top position
    • The key components of leg wrestling - teaching you to ride and pin from legs. You'll learn several unique and unorthodox set-ups and finishes for the power half and the high hip Turk
    Coach Chertow finishes with a variety of folkstyle and freestyle turns, including options from the front headlock. Coach Chertow specifically excelled at this technique, which enabled him to become an Olympian.

    Although arm bars and half nelsons are good techniques, tilts provide a proven way to score points quickly against tough opponents in big matches. Likewise, the leg rides Coach Chertow shows have been used consistently at the highest level. This DVD provides a large number of combinations from tilts to legs to cradles to wrist rides.

    This comprehensive video gives you all the material you need to make your wrestler highly effective from the top position. After watching this video, any wrestler or coach will understand the essential techniques needed to turn and pin your opponent.

    83 minutes. 2012.

    WRD-04079B: featuring Ken Chertow, US Olympian;
    3x NCAA All American and 3x Academic All-American at Penn State,
    2x Junior World Champion, Midlands Champion and Outstanding Wrestler.
    Coach Chertow coached at both Ohio State and Penn State where his teams won the National Duals and finished in the top 5 at NCAA Championships 75% of the time.You can learn from Coach Chertow personally at his year round and summer Gold Medal Training Camp.

    US Olympian Ken Chertow believes "bottom wrestling is a fight," and that you must develop the "warrior attitude" when coming out from the bottom. In this instructional DVD, Coach Chertow will help improve your bottom wrestling and increase your ability to score big points.

    Coach Chertow covers scoring from the bottom using variations of stand-ups, hip heists, or rolls, and he explains how to use these moves in combination with one another. These techniques will make your wrestlers more explosive and able to score from the bottom position. Topics covered include:

    • Drilling Stand-ups - Get to your feet using an explosive stand up, applying pressure back, gaining hand control and cutting off to face your opponent. A variety of partner and shadow drills are provided for a coach or wrestler to utilize.
    • Hip Heisting - Learn to use a powerful hip heist with your switch or sit-out to score 1, 2, or 5 points.
    • Rolls - Learn how the cut roll and cross wrist roll can be used for all ages and weight classes. See how to hit these moves when the top man is applying a lot of pressure down and a stand-up is not an option. Coach Chertow demonstrates these rolls with Peterson and headlock finishes to pin your opponent.
    • Advanced Granby Rolls - Execute the flip Granby and the "ninja flip", a standing Granby variation designed so you can escape from your toughest opponents.
    • Leg Ride Defense - There is no position more punishing for the bottom wrestler than when his opponent has his legs in. Learn to defend both parallel and cross body rides by "swimming out" or using the "kamikaze roll."
    Coach Chertow also shares stories of his past accomplishments, both as an athlete and coach. This season, score points and explode from the bottom position!

    85 minutes. 2012.

    WRD-04079C: with Ian Assael,
    full time Camp Director for Ken Chertow's Gold Medal Wrestling Camps;
    former high school coach who developed 14 state champions and two high school All-Americans

    Getting off the bottom is essential to being successful in wrestling.

    Ian Assael, Camp Director at Ken Chertow Wrestling, gives you the technique you need to score from the bottom against tough opponents. Maintaining shoulder-knee alignment is essential for getting weight off of the bottom man's hands, which is critical for standing up, as well as executing reversals.

    Coach Assael starts off detailing the proper position from the bottom, then goes through the mechanics of a proper stand-up step-by-step. He focuses on recovery using the knee-slide technique, which is an essential skill for all wrestlers, as they will not always escape off the whistle. Coach Assael shows a knee-slide to a stand-up with back pressure when the top man pushes forward. Other knee-slide variations include a hip heist when the top man rides your hips, and a high turn when the top man chops.

    Coach Assael also details a wide array of bottom wrestling that will help your wrestlers win the battle on the mat. You will learn several key concepts from bottom and watch as Coach Assael continually reinforces them through coaching cues and drills: pressure back, get hips under shoulders, seal off, get your hands off the mat, and be aggressive on bottom. You'll get an in-depth look at:

    • High Turn - Going from bottom to top and scoring 5 by securing a Peterson
    • Getting off your stomach and properly building a base
    • Defending the chop - executing a quarter turn to a knee-slide
    • Protecting and clearing your wrists to prevent tilts and other turns
    Coach Assael covers several drills to help your wrestlers master these techniques and continuously maintain a position from which they can score. These drills include a takedown to knee-slide recovery drill, a rear standing lift to knee-slide and stand up drill, and a sit out and turn in drill with a variety of realistic scenarios the bottom man may face.

    Coaches and wrestlers who study and implement the drills in this DVD will see improved positioning and results from the bottom position.

    55 minutes. 2012.

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    with John Smith,
    Oklahoma State University Head Coach,
    5x NCAA Championship coach;
    8x Big 12 Coach of the Year;
    9 Big 12 Conference Championships;
    2X Olympic Gold Medalist,
    6X World Champion,
    2X NCAA Champion

    The Duck Under technique was a staple in John Smith's offensive arsenal, helping him to NCAA, World and Olympic titles. He teaches the same technique in the Oklahoma State wrestling room and now shows you the secrets to this highly successful move. The Duck Under is a very effective move that can be used in a variety of situations. Coach Smith teaches seven duck under techniques including from a collar tie, a misdirection duck under, a swim duck, from an opponent's two-on-one, from an over/under tie and more. He does a thorough job of demonstrating the move, teaching it step-by-step from tie-up to finish. This is an easy-to-learn wrestling technique that will give your wrestlers many more options to score.

    41 minutes. 2008.

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    by Phil Henning

    The Predicament Wrestling Scorebook contains 48 team scoring pages in the front and 48 wrestler statistics pages in the back half where 24 wrestlers get their own 2 pages on which you can chronologically record all their stats in up to 64 matches! The features of this scoring book are the best untearable red poly covers (front and back), 14" x 10" size, spiral bound along the top edge, team tournament summary forms, team dual meet summary forms, wrestlers' season statistics summary forms, updated each year to allow for rule changes! Dan Gable, Iowa's legendary wrestling coach used the Predicament Wrestling Scorebook during his last 15 years of coaching! (So did over 2400 other schools last year!)

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    with Rob Koll,
    Cornell University Head Coach;
    2011 NCAA Championships Runner-Up;
    2011 NWCA National Duals Champions;
    2010 EIWA Coach of the Year;
    2005 NWCA Division I Coach of the Year;
    5x EIWA Conference Champions (2011, '10, '09, '08, '07);
    2X World Cup Champion,
    NCAA Champ and 4X All-American

    Rob Koll has built Cornell into a national power on the wrestling mat. For the past nine years, Cornell has finished in top 20 at the NCAA Championships - including runner-up in 2010, as well as winning eight straight league championships.

    Now, you can get the same drills and techniques that Coach Koll uses in his room everyday.

    Koll begins with a typical warm-up session that contains more than 15 exercises. His warm-up session takes 15 minutes and features a lot of gymnastics techniques to maximize your wrestlers' athleticism. The exercises start basic and move to advanced drills - all relating to wrestling in some way.

    In addition, Koll includes more than 10 conditioning drills with a sport specific twist. These drills all feature full body motion and concentrate on quick starts and explosiveness.

    To compliment the warm-up, you will see over 25 wrestling drills that Koll focuses on for 30 minutes to an hour every day in practice. These short offense and defense drills focus on technique, work on set-ups and foot motion, while developing conditioning, hip power and athleticism - all in a match-like setting. Among the techniques you'll see are shrugs, knee taps, high and low singles, bar arms, foot fighting and more.

    Moving off the mat, Koll gives you his philosophy behind how he built his program to the level it is today. He touches on a number of topics, including:

    • Sleep deprivation - More sleep allows your athletes to convert short term memory to long term and build up muscle
    • Micro practices - get same amount of work from the team, but not in a team setting. Allows you to individualize technique and gives you increased contact with wrestlers - which in turn gets them to feel more connected to the program and coaches);
    • Practice phases - See different practice routines from October to December, January to February and for the last month of the year.
    • Strength Training - See the key to Cornell's success - volume and intensity. Koll discusses three different phases of strength training, which has resulted in his wrestlers have maintained or gained strength throughout the season.
    • 41 minutes. 2010.

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    with Steve Garland, University of Virginia Head Coach;
    2015 and 2010 ACC Champions; 2010 ACC Coach of the Year;
    All-American Wrestler at Virginia; 2000 ACC Wrestler of the Year; member of the 50th Anniversary ACC Wrestling Team

    Steve Garland provides new, creative and fun ways to work on old positions. Inside, you'll see more than 20 drills that develop the skills needed to become a dominate wrestler. These drills can easily be implemented into a practice routine and will help create the muscle memory necessary to become a chain wrestler. Using this system of drills will help wrestlers and coaches:

    • Build core concepts and skills while changing up their routine
    • Learn how to keep an opponent off balance
    • Focus on the four main positions from the feet
    • Build good position into every portion of practice

    Warm-up and Conditioning Drills
    Coach Garland demonstrates several types of warm-up sequences that progress from light intensity, to intermediate intensity, and to a high intensity session. Garland gives you a variety of drills that will increase a wrestler's speed, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. One of the unique things about this video is that each of the drills builds on earlier drills and motor skills, so that wrestlers can perform them more effectively and see how the skills are put together in order to create the ultimate chain wrestler.

    From the Feet
    Learn drills for making wrestlers more effective on their feet. Coach Garland reveals drills that focus on the four main positions in wrestling (Single Leg Position, Hi-Crotch Position, Double Leg Position, and the Re-Shot), as well as short offensive drills that will help wrestlers become more complete on their feet. These drills include individual and partner drills and work on everything from shot drills to proper short offensive drills. Garland goes over each position with an emphasis on the perfect attack position and the ability to defend.

    Scrambling drills are also taught in meticulous detail. These drills focus on defending a low single leg attack and stopping funk counters. With the proliferation of these techniques at the high school and college levels, it is imperative that wrestlers have a defense for them.

    Bottom Position
    Discover specific drills that can be used at practice in order to fight common positions and create muscle memory. The bottom position drills cover how to defend basic breakdowns such as the Tight Waist, Spiral Ride, and Ankle Ride. This video emphasizes the little things that will make it easier for wrestlers to escape and score from the bottom position.

    Top Position
    From the top position, Garland goes over his philosophy, and how to use these drills to become a dominant top wrestler. You'll see the "Grind Ride" drill, a position the University of Virginia uses to dominate their opponents.

    The drills covered in this video will keep your team in perfect position during matches and will keep your wrestlers excited about practice, leaving the drudgery of traditional practice behind.

    65 minutes. 2013.

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  • 11/14/15--22:00: The Art of Hand Fighting
  • with Mark Ironside,
    2x NCAA Champ and 4x All-American at the University of Iowa; 1998 Dan Hodge Trophy winner

    Hand fighting is an essential wrestling skill. Two-time National Champion Mark Ironside shares drills for becoming an effective hand fighter and, in turn, a more dangerous wrestler on your feet.

    Hand fighting is about moving your opponent so that you can set up your attacks. Coach Ironside takes a novel approach to the skill: He believes that a level of high intensity and complete domination must be maintained throughout the match. He stresses that wrestlers should set a fast pace and maintain it throughout the match.

    Coach Ironside covers the basic strategy of hand fighting in the neutral position, such as not reaching, keeping elbows close, using heavy hands, applying constant pressure and immediately re-attacking. He demonstrates how to correctly close the gap when hand fighting, which maintains a good position and makes it easier to move an opponent.

    He shares several drills for quickly improving positioning, including a push-pull drill that teaches wrestlers to move their hands and feet together. From these hand fighting techniques, Coach Ironside shows how to get and use four control ties, such as the 2-1, double inside tie and inside tie/wrist combination. He shows ways to control and clear these ties that will move your opponent. Each of these ties works together to create a potent offense that will exhaust your opponent. While demonstrating these ties, Coach Ironside also shows several takedowns.

    Finally, Coach Ironside demonstrates how to drill hand fighting with a partner and how to clear a front head lock.

    Don't just hand fight; use it to create an offense that cannot be beat! Let Mark Ironside show you how to enhance your hand fighting skills to score from the neutral position.

    55 minutes. 2014.

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    YWD-04509A: with Eric Akin, East Kansas Wrestling Club Head Coach;
    United States Olympic Team Alternate (1996 and 2000); USA World Team member; 3x Big 8 Champion and 4x All American for Iowa State University; 3x Kansas High School State Champion

    Four-time All American Eric Akin was a top level athlete at Iowa State University. Now as a youth coach he has developed a series of techniques that focuses on fundamentals that will train athletes at all levels to be successful.

    Coach Akin starts with the stance - the most basic element to being successful on your feet. Akin provides a series of stance and motion drills all wrestlers need to become fluid and agile in any takedown attempt and help ingrain it into muscle memory.

    He teaches setups that will work at any level to control the opponent and open attacks. His instruction covers elbow control, inside tie and collar tie, and telephone wrist tie to 2-on-1 control. From the set-up, Akin moves to three types of penetration steps (with drills to practice the steps) to get in deep on your attack. The steps include: the drop step/inside step, the punch-punch sweep single step, and the spring-load step for double legs and low singles.

    All wrestlers, especially young wrestlers, commonly lack the ability to finish their leg attacks. To get those hard earned points, Akin demonstrates finishing drills for the "Big Three" (Single leg, double, leg, and Hi-Crotch). He also shows a slide-by - a technique that is really effective on an opponent that we cannot pass his leg defense.

    Finally, Coach Akin covers basic leg attack defense from the most basic sprawl to the more advanced Wizzer. He discusses two types of level change skills, which is a fundamental component for good defense and blocking, as well as the key to effective leg attacks.

    This video is packed with information from start to finish. It is ideal for any wrestler or coach who wants to learn sound and basic principles that are effective at all levels.

    87 minutes. 2014.

    YWD-04509B: with Eric Akin, East Kansas Wrestling Club Head Coach;
    United States Olympic Team Alternate (1996 and 2000); USA World Team member; 3x Big 8 Champion and 4x All American for Iowa State University; 3x Kansas High School State Champion

    Four-time All American Eric Akin has compiled a video full of essential techniques that wrestlers need to be tough on the mat.

    Starting at square one, Coach Akin shows you stance and hand position skills in order to build a good stance on the bottom, which are essential to maintaining a base and defending attacks by the opponent. You'll learn how to be light on your hands to get hands and feet up quickly. The hip heist is a fundamental skill for escaping and reversing on bottom, and Akin demonstrates a hip heist drill series to learn how to feel comfortable executing the technique.

    He then moves on to the fundamentals of a stand-up, switch, and finally the complex Granby Roll. The techniques you'll learn include:

    • How to attack a hand and cut out for an escape. Hand control and cutting out to face the opponent are the foundation needed to finish to a stand up. No points are earned by the bottom man until he cuts out and faces the opponent.
    • Sit out and head post. This is a great escape for developing wrestlers who struggle with stand up.
    • A unique take on the switch. Coach Akin shows mistakes he believes are commonly taught on the switch and demonstrates a technique that may improve the switch from bottom.
    • And much more!

    He completes the DVD with several different counters to the highest used turns from the top position.

    Coach Akin uses youth wrestlers of varying abilities to demonstrate the technique and drills that he uses in his own room. He has made this basic level series very easy to learn or teach.

    54 minutes. 2014.

    YWD-04509C: with Eric Akin, East Kansas Wrestling Club Head Coach;
    United States Olympic Team Alternate (1996 and 2000); USA World Team member; 3x Big 8 Champion and 4x All American for Iowa State University; 3x Kansas High School State Champion

    Coach Akin was a top level athlete at Iowa State University. Now as a youth coach he has developed a series of techniques that focuses on the fundamentals of turning and pinning your opponent.

    Coach Akin does an excellent job demonstrating and explaining proper body position and pressure on your opponent. He gives constant reminders about "good" position on top. Akin teaches basic breakdowns including the 180 breakdown, the Spiral ride and the Tight Waist Ankle. He uses the 180 and Spiral ride to get into his Crossbody ride. Akin shows how he keeps himself in the "saddle" an effective method to stay top of an opponent to get into a variet of pinning combinations.

    The former U.S. World Team member, Coach Akin demonstrates a ton of ways to get opponents on their backs and rack up team points. He covers six turns that are fundamental to having success at any level from the top position. You'll see everything from a half nelson and chicken wing to cheap tilts, turks, cradles and the dreaded spladle position. Akin sets up his spladle from a side headlock and single leg defense. He also shares unique details to his nearside and crossface cradles that will ensure a pin every time your opponent is on his back.

    We often take minor details for granted, but Coach Akin covers those details as a part of his teaching so that it is easy to integrate into your practice. This is a great DVD for any wrestler or coach to learn sound and basic principles that are effective at all levels.

    43 minutes. 2014.

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    WRD-04494A: with Mark Perry, University of Illinois Associate Head Coach;
    2013 Amateur Wrestling News Division I Assistant Coach of the Year; 2x NCAA Champion and 4x All-American at the University of Iowa; 2005 NWCA Rookie of the Year; won the Gorrarian Trophy at the 2007 NCAA Championships

    Mark Perry has a rare unique perspective on wrestling: His uncle is legendary Oklahoma State Coach John Smith; in addition, Coach Perry wrestled in high school at Blair Academy under Jeff Buxton and finally learned the "Iowa way" of the sport from Tom Brands while wrestling in college. Combining his knowledge and first-hand experience, Coach Perry has developed a highly effective set of drills, from the feet and on the mat, that can take anyone to the next level of success.

    Coach Perry's drills will help build a foundation of core techniques and philosophies from all positions. He explains his philosophy on drilling and how to properly execute each drill to create the most effective wrestlers. You'll also hear several examples of how his athletes are constantly using these drills to improve at even the highest levels.

    Drills from the Feet - Coach Perry demonstrates four drills that help build a great base of chain wrestling from your feet to create dominate wrestlers in the neutral position. Drills include:

    • A shot position drill to train wrestlers to stay in good position to better finish leg attacks.
    • A drill to recover from bad position and still finish your shot. At some point, all wrestlers wind up in a bad position. The confidence to continually attack comes, in part, from the confidence that one can recover if their attack is stopped.

    Drills from the Bottom Position - Coach Perry puts his athletes in realistic situations to create drills that will help them get out of the bottom position effectively. His drills stress the attitude needed to get away from any opponent. You'll learn the base and no wrists drill to better develop the two keys to getting away.

    Drills from the Top Position - Coach Perry gives you the tools to create dominate wrestlers from the top position using the latest technique. In this segment, he again stresses the attitude needed to be a dominant top wrestler. He demonstrates several drills to ride and turn your opponent.

    Using his wrestlers to demonstrate the effective use of drills, Coach Perry offers a blueprint of drills to create effective chain wrestlers who can score from any position.

    80 minutes. 2014.

    WRD-04494B: with Mark Perry, University of Illinois Associate Head Coach;
    2013 Amateur Wrestling News Division I Assistant Coach of the Year; 2x NCAA Champion and 4x All-American at the University of Iowa; 2005 NWCA Rookie of the Year; won the Gorrarian Trophy at the 2007 NCAA Championships

    Coach Mark Perry has a unique perspective on wrestling from his uncle, legendary Oklahoma State Coach John Smith, as well as his own experience wrestling in high school at Blair Academy under Coach Jeff Buxton and finally at the University of Iowa under Coach Tom Brands. Coach Perry has used this wealth of knowledge and experience to develop a highly effective blend of philosophies that he calls the "formula for success." That formula is the basis of this DVD.

    Through a series of drills for the neutral position, Coach Perry explains a formula for success that blends two proven styles of wrestling to create a complete wrestler. He carefully highlights some high priority positions that athletes need to master to win at the highest level.

    Stance - The drills in this segment emphasize stance and position. From the stance, Coach Perry explains the importance hand placement and the position of the head and body relative to the mat. He also covers the way a wrestler should move in his stance, including the role of effective footwork, how to incorporate fakes and how to create angles.

    Offensive Philosophies - Coach Perry shares examples of how offensive attacks in practice (not just in ideal drilling situations) create a chain wrestler who can use multiple options to score. For example, if a wrestler fakes, then goes to one attack that's defended, he can change direction and go to a different attack.

    Short Offense philosophies - Coach Perry covers ways for a wrestler to defend on his feet to avoid giving up easy points against short offense and go-behinds. To become an elite wrestler, your wrestlers must avoid giving up easy points, and have the ability to able to score from any position on the mat. Teach them how to keep focus when they miss or shot and how to be tough on their feet with the drills in this DVD.

    Whether you are trying to get your middle or high school team to the next level or you're an athlete trying to take your wrestling to the next level, the philosophies stressed in this DVD can be your a valuable coaching tool to get there.

    76 minutes. 2014.

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    with Russ Cozart, Brandon (FL) HS Head Coach;
    2014 National Wrestling Coach of the Year by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS);
    2014 Florida 2A High School State Champions; 25x Florida High School State Champs (including 15 in a row); winners of 459 straight wrestling matches (The Streak), 2x National Coach of the Year; 8x Florida Coach of the Year

    "I taught some of this material to our youth team in our Saturday class and the difference was evident in a competition the next day. This has been the single most significant change a DVD has ever brought to our team. We had covered all of the ties previously but the way they are now combined into one seamless drill is nothing short of amazing for our team. - Customer Review

    As wrestling evolves, athletes are getting bigger and stronger, and hand fighting has become a necessity. Hand fighting allows you to control your opponent and control the match.

    Russ Cozart, whose teams have dominated Florida high school wrestling for more than 20 years, shares his hand-fighting techniques and drills in this influential video. In it, you will learn how to post the head, pummel, weave off the shoulders, post and chop, control the wrist and much more.

    This isn't just a few "set-ups" linked together, it's a series of drills that help wrestlers get comfortable with hand fighting on their feet - a position where they'll spend roughly 90% of their time.

    Coach Cozart teaches you hand-fighting positions that you can string together in a barrage of attacks that will create multiple cracks in your opponent's defense and open up takedown opportunities.

    Positions include:

    • Posting the Head - Learn how to put yourself in position to attack the head without opening up your defense. You will learn to "paint" the head and create angles for your takedowns.
    • Pummeling - Learn to pummel in on your opponent to gain inside control, working in head snaps from time to time. You will learn traditional pummeling, as well as weaving the shoulders and the muscles.
    • Wrist Control - Learn how to gain control of your opponent's wrists with a variety of techniques, and learn how to counter your opponent's wrist ties.
    • Posting and Chopping - Learn to post and chop your opponent's arms, allowing you to move from a position of disadvantage to a position of advantage.
    • Passing and Flipping Elbows - Learn to move out of your opponent's collar tie and create scoring opportunities by controlling your opponent's elbows.
    • 2-On-1 - Learn to hand fight your way into a 2-on-1 and how to turn it into a scoring opportunity. You will also learn how to counter your opponent's two on one.
    • Underhooks - Learn hand fighting techniques that will help you gain an advantage with an underhook, along with a technique for hand fighting out of your opponent's underhook.

    These techniques are taught individually, then woven together to create an attacking style of wrestling that will keep your opponents off guard and out of their offensive posture.

    Knowing that your opponent's offense has been neutralized or disengaged will give you more confidence on your feet, and takedowns will become easier and happen more frequently. You will learn how to slip out of these positions and into a variety of takedowns, including: single and double legs, fireman's carries and ankle picks. Coach Cozart teaches other solid takedowns from openings created through hand fighting, such as: the slide by, the slide by to a side headlock, a knock by, a shuck and more.

    This is a great video for younger athletes, but is also very applicable to older athletes who are having a hard time learning to hand fight and who aren't effective in these positions. Coach Cozart's system will work with all athletes because it is very repeatable and easy to implement.

    This video will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to be a more physical, controlling and dominant wrestler.

    46 minutes. 2015.

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    featuring Scot Davis, Owatonna (MN) High School Head Coach;
    the winningest coach in amateur wrestling history (over 850 victories);
    2007 "National Coach of the Year" by Wrestling USA Magazine and was the "Runner-up" in 2006. He was also named "National Coach of the Year" by the National HS Coaches Association in 1998. In 2005, Davis was voted Minnesota Class AAA (large schools) "State Coach of the Year" by the Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association.

    "Thank you for creating the Coaching High School wrestling DVD's, they are exactly what I have been looking for. I started a wrestling program in our community 2 years ago and last year was our first season of varsity competition. We did have some success last year - finishing 3rd in the conference with 3 sectional qualifiers.
    You could not have asked a better coach for this series. (Scot Davis) reminds me of a modern day John Wooden."

    Tom Leslie,
    Olney (IL) Wrestling Head Coach

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